In a recently released music video for the song Follow God, Kanye West’s father shares what it means to walk with God.
“Like, as I stand here today, I’m reminded of the first time my children ever got the opportunity to be in snow, and when we walked outside in the snow, they were very fearful in terms of the steps that they would take,” West’s father, Ray, said as the pair walked through snow on his ranch in Cody, Wyoming, as reported by Faithwire.
“What I did was I walked in front of them, and I took steps, and I said to them, ‘Instead of creating your own footprints, walk in the footprints that I’ve already made.’”
The song Follow God mentions Kayne’s father several times and his teaching about God.
“This is like a movie, but it’s really very lifelike / Every single night, right, every single fight, right? / I was looking at the ‘Gram and I don’t even like likes/ I was screaming at my Dad, he told me, ‘It ain’t Christ-like,’” West raps in the song.
Photo credit - Kanye West Youtube
Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, November 12, 2019 1:53:00 PM


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