(RNS) — The Rev. Cecil Richards is working with members of his Kingstown Baptist Church to help feed people in St. Vincent who have been evacuated due to the volcanic eruption on the island nation.

Soon after the initial eruption on Friday (April 9), volunteers prepared 170 meals from their church kitchen to distribute to evacuees at shelters in the southern part of the main island. The total meals increased to 250 by Monday and, he hopes, 300 soon.

“That is only our immediate response,” he said of his church that is usually attended by 250 to 300 people in nonpandemic times. “That can’t be it.”

The pastor is already looking ahead to longer-term needs of Vincentians, who last experienced an eruption in 1979. His church and other religious groups — including international relief agencies — are preparing to assist with physical and spiritual needs during what is expected to be a long recovery.

Posted by Ashley Wiltshire Friday, April 16, 2021 8:23:00 AM


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