In the middle of the night, singer and action star Tyrese Gibson may be found praying at the Watts Towers sculptures in Los Angeles, California.

For the first time, the 37-year-old "Black Rose" singer revealed that he focuses on his life's purpose by praying in the intimate setting in the Watts community that he grew up in.

"I've never shared this publicly but often times I come here in the middle of the night and pray ..," Gibson wrote on Instagram. "It re-sparks my life's purpose it reminds me to stand tall and never let life's challenges get the best of me.."

Gibson has been hinting about a new business venture after spending time in the United Arab Emirates at the top of the year.

"... [W]hen you are a man of substance with a mission on your mind you have to step out of your nest and comforts of being home .. Be willing to walk into unfamiliar territories to accomplish your vision, dreams and goals ..," Gibson wrote on Instagram. "Of course I don't have to explain anything .. I'm aware .. But just know .. For those of you who don't know .. To God be the glory for ALL the things that he continues to do .."...Read more at CHRISTIAN POST


Posted by Latoya Sylvestre Monday, January 11, 2016 11:03:00 AM


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