Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow prayed with passengers on a Delta flight after someone suffered a heart attack mid-flight. Tebow clinged to the victim's family as they cried and prayed for a miracle.


The "Home Free" host was on a Delta flight headed to Phoenix from Atlanta last week when an older man on board suffered a heart attack and fell unconscious. The Delta crew reportedly sprung into action and a physician's assistant named Nicki Freeze started administering CPR.


Several eye witness accounts on social media said fellow passengers had gathered around the family before Tebow eventually noticed something was wrong and left his seat in first class to help. The former NY Jets player offered support the best way he knew how, in prayer. In a photo posted by another passenger on board, Tebow is seen leaning over and hugging the stricken man's wife as he prayed with her and her friend.

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Posted by Azania Phillips Friday, July 8, 2016 9:19:00 AM


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