Jordan Morris got saved at 7 years old and was baptized with the Holy Spirit at 10. By the time he was 11, he was preaching the gospel to kids in his school. But a couple years later, something happened in Morris' heart—and he started pulling away from God.
He started visiting nightclubs, going to parties and "doing things I shouldn't do," as he puts it.
"I tried to play the Christian life at the same time," he tells evangelist Chris Mikkelson on the "Salvation Today" podcast. "There was this period of about three or four years where—the God I knew to be true, I let my heart stray from Him. I wasn't giving Him all my attention. My mom and dad didn't know. My youth pastor didn't know."
But as Morris visited nightclubs, the Lord convicted his heart.
"All I knew was 'Jordan, what are you doing here? What are you doing?'" he says. "The call of God on my life would knock. And it would just knock and it wouldn't go away. I tried to silence it. I would lie in bed at night, knowing I was insane, and tears rolling down my cheeks."
But in his late teen years, Morris realized he was trying to fill a gap and nothing could do the trick—not ministry, not devotions and certainly not the sin Morris was pursuing. He knew he had to follow Jesus once again.
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Photo credit  (Facebook/Evangelist Jordan Morris)
Posted by Azania Phillips Monday, August 12, 2019 7:32:00 AM


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