People may be reading the news and "doomscrolling" through social media during the coronavirus pandemic.


But what they don't appear to be reading is the Bible.


That's according to the 10th annual State of the Bible survey released Wednesday (July 22) by the American Bible Society.


The number of American adults the American Bible Society considers "Scripture engaged" based on how frequently they read Scripture and its impact on their relationships and choices dropped significantly from 28% to 22.7% between January and June, according to additional data collected by the organization in June.


"What we saw between January and June was that 13 million people in America, who were previously really engaging meaningfully with Scripture, no longer were, and that was a serious drop-off," said Plake.


Frequency of Scripture reading also dropped over the last year, with daily readers dropping from 14% to 9% and those who read the Bible several times a week, from 14% to 12%, the lowest number on record, according to the survey, conducted in January with Barna Group, a Christian research firm.

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Posted by Azania Phillips Thursday, July 23, 2020 8:04:00 AM


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