In July, new media company Asian Boss interviewed a South Korean pastor known for starting a ministry in Seoul to save babies from abandonment and death. Pastor Jong-rak Lee gained immense popularity outside his home country after he installed a "baby box" in the side of his home years ago, after vulnerable parents began to leave their babies on his doorstep. A documentary about Pastor Lee, The Baby Box, was made, and not long after, groups in the United States began similar efforts to install baby drop boxes in various locations. Along with this, each US State has its own "safe haven" law, allowing parents to leave newborns with first responders and/or hospital staff anonymously, without fear of punishment. 
Asian Boss found Pastor Lee's story incredibly compelling and inspiring, and did an interview with him, which they then posted on their YouTube page. It appears from the video that the Baby Box Korea ministry has grown substantially since the time of The Drop Box documentary's release in 2015.
Pastor Lee says that the ministry takes in 220-250 babies yearly. Things are very difficult for single and teen mothers in South Korea, he says, and the baby box installed through his ministry has saved the lives of about 1,600 children over the past ten years.
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re: South Korean Pastor’s Babybox Ministry Continues: Saves 250 Babies Each Year

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