Contemporary Christian music's newest artist, Zach Williams, is sharing the freedom he's found in Jesus with his new smash hit single, "Chain Breaker." The former rock star walked away from a life of drugs and rock 'n' roll to follow God's plan for his life and to share his newfound hope with others.


Williams grew up in a Christian home where both his mother and father were heavily involved in church. But as a teenager he drifted away from the values his parents had instilled in him.

"Everything we did as a child revolved around church until my high school years. I knew at a young age I had an experience and an encounter with the Lord. I just never understood salvation. I always felt like the kid that every Sunday had to get in front of the church at the altar call and get resaved, it just never really clicked with me," Williams told The Christian Post.

His parents, he said, did everything they could to bring him up in the ways of the Lord, but when Williams entered high school he took full advantage of his free will.


"I think that the decisions I've made and the things that happened in my life are all just the results of me taking my eyes off of the Lord and turning my back on the things that I had been raised around and taught," he said.


As a young athlete he took an interest in basketball, but then started making some bad choices by hanging out with teenagers who didn't have a relationship with Jesus.

"Who you're around really plays a part in what you do. For me, the crowd that I was around had a lot to do with the things that I got involved in. I kind of ran from the Lord. I felt like the Lord had a calling on my life at an early age but it scared me," Williams said.


"I would go to church for years and be in church and get this conviction on my life and then I would run from it. I was really caught up in myself and doing things that I wanted to do because I knew that being a Christian wasn't easy."


Williams said he saw how hard being a Christian was by watching his parents' example, so it made him run farther from the calling. He didn't want to go back to church because he wasn't fond of the feeling of conviction he felt when he was there. Soon after, his life choices would cause everything to spiral out of control.

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Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, October 25, 2016 11:23:00 AM


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