One by one, the convicts went under the water.  


And one by one, they burst out, a new creation. Thirty-nine inmates traded in their spiritual prison jumpsuits for pristine white robes. 


"It's my faith," inmate Reginald Minor said. He was jailed for assault charges, but says he's innocent. "I'm a Christian. Like all Christians, we believe Jesus is the way." 

Chaplain Vinny Abbruscato reportedly spent the last few months counseling the inmates and leading worship in the jail.  


"They have been forgiven if they've truly repented," Abbruscato said. "And you can see the change and the transformation in them."

Ministers from multiple ministries participated in the baptism ceremony.  


"We all get limited time on Earth," Sheriff Mike Andrews said. "We're all just passing through.


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Thirty-nine inmates were baptized at a jail last week. (Jenn Vargas/Flickr/Creative Commons)

Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, June 28, 2016 10:29:00 AM


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