"I've seen surfers in my hometown get caught up in drugs and make poor decisions that eventually led them away from their passion and talent to surf, whereas I had my grounding in Jesus Christ, and that kept me close to Him and helped me make healthy decisions growing up... I knew of God's promises for my life, so I held tight to that instead of something that might have led me away from my talent."


Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton shared her incredible story of hope and inspiration before a crowd gathered at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, CA, reminding attendees that God is faithful even in the darkest of times. 


At the special one-day event, which culminated her 2015 tour, the 25-year-old Hawaii native and Soul Surfer author revealed that despite losing her arm in a horrific shark attack in 2003, her passion for surfing has not diminished.


"When I go surfing now I feel like anyone else in the water," she said when asked if she feels anxious while riding the waves. "I'm just out there enjoying the ocean and trying to catch my next wave. I'm thankful that I've been able to let that fear go and overcome it. I think... my passion and love for surfing outweighed my fear of sharks. I don't think anyone should [have that fear], because it's not a normal occurrence to have shark problems."


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Posted by Azania Phillips Friday, October 30, 2015 9:27:00 AM


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