After Kentucky public school officials announced they were cutting the iconic Nativity story from the school's stage play of "A Charlie Brown Christmas," parents set up a picket line outside school district offices this week. School representatives said they took the measure to avoid a potential lawsuit. Others are crying, "Good grief!" (Photo via Paintsville Herald/Gospel Herald)


At least one parent in the Johnson County school district complained about Linus' reading from the Gospel of Luke that was a focus of the 1965 television special that gave rise to the play, according to an article in The Paintsville Herald.


Eliminating this particular portion of the enactment upset other parents who want the play to remain intact and sent them to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious liberty watchdog group, states Religion News Service. 


ADF lawyers maintain the school district is "within its constitutional rights to stage the play as it was written."


On Thursday, ADF posted the following statement on its Facebook page: "It seems that 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' isn't PC enough for one Kentucky school district, which has decided to censor the classic after it received one complaint about the Biblical references in a student play based on the Charles Schulz television special. Good grief."

Johnson County Superintendent Tom Salyer said the complaint had been filed with the Board of Education regarding religious content presented in school plays and activities. Salyer told The Paintsville Herald he believed the intention of the complaint was to file suit against the district.


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Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, December 22, 2015 12:14:00 PM


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