Meagan Good has been booked with consistent acting jobs for the past four years, but she insists that God fulfills her way more than her career.

"I pray and read my Bible every single day, I stay close to God because He's what matters the most; everything else is secondary," Good said in a Los Angeles Sentinel report. "My career can never give me what God can give me."


The 34-year-old actress currently stars in the FOX television show "Minority Report" but had to get used to the idea of consistently working on the small screen after building her career upon movie roles. In 2013, Good starred in the ABC series "Deception," which she was initially apprehensive about.


"When Deception initially came to me, I was afraid to do TV because it's a huge time commitment and you'll potentially be playing the same character for several years. And for at least six months of the year you're away from your family in a different state or even a different country," the actress revealed. "I had all of these stipulations about what the situation had to be in order for me to do television. When the opportunity for me to star in Deception presented itself, it was everything I said it had to be, so I knew it was God."

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Posted by Azania Phillips Friday, November 27, 2015 10:13:00 AM


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