Behind his American Music Award and Billboard chart-topping songwriting credits, Christian contemporary singer-songwriter Matthew West has struggled to overcome his insecurities.


Instead of putting up pretenses for the world, West is being vulnerable about his journey in his new book, Hello My Name Is: Discover Your True Identity, that he hopes can help others find their true identities.


West, 40, once put his worth in his career. But when the famous singer-songwriter lost his voice 10 years ago, everything changed and he was forced to re asses his life.


"I know I've had a platform as a singer-songwriter; I get to do concerts all around the country and God has blessed me so much. Who would believe that I, just like everybody else, battle for my identity as well," West told The Christian Post. "I write about it in the book, a season in my life when my voice was taken away from me. I was unable to sing and that really rocked me because I humbly came to the realization that I placed too much emphasis on my identity as a singer."


"When my voice was taken away from me, I wasn't quite sure who I was anymore."


The singer and budding author later realized that he had learned a life-changing lesson that comes when one places their sole idenitity in their work, and then it's taken from them.


"God uses experiences like that in my life and everybody else's life to remind us that even if everything else is stripped away, if we perform our best or perform our poorest we are still simply loved by our Creator," West said.

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Posted by Azania Phillips Monday, May 29, 2017 10:07:00 AM


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