The season finale of Fox's Lucifer, titled "Take Me Back to Hell," offers many surprising twists and turns. But the most interesting revelations in a show that blurs the lines between good and evil by glorifying the devil and featuring the downfall of an angel are the ecclesiastical. And here the show, again, manages to offend Christians.


After a full season of Lucifer's angel brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) falling from grace (manipulating people leading to deaths, having sex with a demon, beating up Lucifer) in his God-given quest to send Lucifer back to Hell, he realizes the error of his ways and teams up with Lucifer to try to make things right. So we have "good" and "evil" working together side by side.

Per usual, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is shown to be the selfless, sympathetic character. As Lucifer lies dying from a gunshot wound, the devil prays to God (his Dad) to save his partner, Detective Chloe, offering his life for hers. He's just a harmless bad boy with a heart of gold trying to do what's right. The life ebbs from him and he goes back to hell, "Home sweet home."


But the big shock comes when Lucifer is brought back to life. His offer is accepted by God, Chloe is safe, but his mission on Earth now is to find his mother who has escaped from hell.


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Posted by Azania Phillips Friday, April 29, 2016 11:24:00 AM


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