Kirk Franklin's hit song "I Smile" has blessed countless people, but it also sparked pride in the artist who delayed his eleventh studio album to avoid the possibility of not meeting people's expectations.


With 11 albums, his own record label, multiple television shows, accolades and countless production credits for some of the biggest names in gospel music, Franklin still allowed insecurities to keep him from releasing new music.


"To be transparent, that's what took me so long to do the album. A lot of it was fear, and then I really began to learn that spiritually fear is a form of pride," Franklin revealed to The Christian Post. "It was pride that I would never be able to live up to 'I Smile.' I would tend to just kind of stay away, because I was scared of not being accepted like I was with 'I Smile.'"

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Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, November 17, 2015 11:59:00 AM


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