Gospel singer Kierra Sheard comes from generations of renowned worshipers, but that doesn't mean she's afraid of exposing the dirty details of her personal life that might help save souls when the music stops.


Sheard, the 29-year-old daughter of singer Karen Clark Sheard and granddaughter of the famed choir director Mattie Moss Clark, is doing just that in the Centric TV docu-series "Being." In the show that documents the lives of entertainers, Sheard doesn't hold back in her March 25 episode that tackles issues like her unhealthy relationships and decision to undergo plastic surgery.


Even though the singer had cameras following her during her family's 2013 reality TV series "The Sheards," a lot has happened in four years. In "Being," Sheard will dig deep about her music career, childhood and personal journey as a young adult.

In the show, viewers will hear from Sheard's childhood friends, including her best friend who later died from sickle cell disease. The show might be one of Sheard's most revealing feats yet.

The cameras are also turned on for Sheard's ex-boyfriend who she once caught with another woman.

"Nothing can separate us from [God's] love. But honey, I was in my zone and I was ready to just kill him. In that moment I wasn't thinking about my career, what God had set up for me," she recalled in an interview with The Christian Post. "I wasn't thinking about if I had taken anybody's life away what it could have destroyed. I could have completely destroyed God's promises for me acting out of emotion and being tied to the wrong person at that time."

For Sheard, transparency is important. Even though her music career is centered around her faith, she doesn't want people to have the false perception that she doesn't sin.

"Sometimes we have a tendency to put our most favorite influential people on a pedestal. When something goes wrong we're completely let down and we completely forget that they're human," Sheard told CP. "I understand that I have a connection with a lot of people who are younger than I am. I want them to know that I'm not perfect and I don't want you to ever be so disappointed in me where it affects your walk with Christ if ever something happens like that."


As a millennial, Sheard has noticed that the younger generation enjoys reality shows and social media because it helps them relate to other people and feel less alone in their individual circumstances. When she shares personal bits about her life, Sheard hopes to give people that same feeling.


"As believers, as [people] of faith, we're not God. I believe God uses people to connect us to the body of Christ and share His love," she said. "I share His love by saying, 'you know, I was disobedient here as a child of God and it wasn't God who punished me. It was a consequence of my sin."


As a gospel music singer and evangelist, Sheard's quick to say that her sins are no less problematic that anyone else's. In a transparent moment with CP, she recalled how her struggles with a previous toxic relationship once led to a fist fight with another woman that could have ended her career.

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