Kevin Sorbo isn’t afraid to turn up the heat with a faith-based action film.
The 61-year-old is starring in “The Reliant” as Rick, a father of five desperate to gather his family after finding himself surrounded by chaos as civil unrest explodes in his small town. But after the family is caught in a deadly crossfire, they retreat to the surrounding forest where their faith is tested. According to the synopsis, the eldest daughter Sophie (Mollie Gray) then begins to question the morality of gun ownership.
“The Reliant,” which is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Patrick Johnston, will be in theaters for one night on Oct. 24 in select venues across the country. The former “Hercules” star spoke to Fox News about why he was eager to take on “The Reliant,” the message he has for critics and why he won’t stop making faith-based films for fans.
Fox News: What can audiences expect from the “The Reliant”?
Kevin Sorbo: It's about the economic collapse of America. It deals with the dollar being totally devalued, pretty much. Think what's going on in Venezuela right now, and that's what this whole movie is really about. And you see riots break out, looting breaks out, it's the Wild West.
There's lawlessness everywhere. And my family gets targeted by a bunch of bad guys who start opening fire on the house, but we're a family that believes in the right to bear arms, so we fire back. So, they think twice before firing back at us. But... it's a faith movie, it's a family movie. There's a lot of action in it, but it is a hard PG-13. I would definitely question having kids younger than that go see this movie.
But then again, everything I've seen on TV, on cable, I'm going, "Well, if kids are watching that, this isn't any worse than that." But it's a movie that really blends the faith of this family with the different beliefs that they have within the family when this chaos breaks open. And it comes full circle, where their faith brings them back together as a family. But... it's interesting to see what happens with not only them, but what happens with this chaos that's going on.
Fox News: How important was it to discuss the theme of civil unrest in a film like this one?
Sorbo: Well, the movie wasn't meant to be a Second Amendment movie, in a way. I think people look at it that way because all of a sudden this Christian family takes up and bears arms, but every movie that's out there has guns and violence in it. I mean, everything that I see coming in theaters, coming in on television, has that same sort of thing going on.
But it's interesting because this is a family of faith, also, using guns as a weapon. [The film has had] some kickback from some groups. I find it pretty comical because... all these movies out there have so much violence going on, so maybe, overall, we should stop using guns in movies and television altogether. Maybe we might get a different storyline.
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Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, October 29, 2019 9:16:00 AM


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