"Who doesn't want to be loved like that?" I Still Believe Producer Kevin Downes says his wife asked after watching the movie coming to theaters in March.
I Still Believe tells the story of up-and-coming Christian musician Jeremy Camp as he falls in love with a young woman named Melissa. Melissa, unfortunately, is diagnosed with cancer. The movie follows the young lovebirds' journey and how they seek to honor the Lord with their story.
"To see how God just moved through the life of these two young people and you see all the music that kind of that came out of that, out of the pain and the journey that Jeremy went through when he was a younger man, and it's just a beautiful love story," Downes says. "I would probably take some tissues. Let's just say I've seen it 200 or 300 times, obviously, 'cause I'm making the film, and there are certain scenes where I still cry after after watching it that many times. So it's just that moving and it's a good cry."
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Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, February 4, 2020 12:20:00 PM


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