God wants us to continually make good choices for our lives. So He's given us the Bible — His Word — as an instruction book to live by. The thing is, once we know what it says, we're responsible to do what it says. Because there's never a time when it's all right to do the wrong thing.

Wouldn't you love it if your children always did what you tell them to do just based on your word? I bet it would really make your day. But there are times when we need to tangibly touch their circumstances to help them get back on track.


And there are times when God has to do the same with us — not because He's mad at us, but because He loves us. We need to understand that if we follow His instructions, then we're going to have a life that's full of peace, joy, and emotional stability...Read more at CHRISTIAN POST

Posted by Latoya Sylvestre Monday, February 1, 2016 11:55:00 AM


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