Actor, writer and producer Daniel Roebuck has been in Hollywood for the past 35 years. Now he makes faith-based films and hopes people live every day like it's their first, to the Glory of God.


Roebuck's statement on life comes from the inspiration behind his newest film, "Getting Grace," which premieres nationwide on March 23rd. The outspoken Christian is hoping his directorial debut on this film will serve as a reminder that God's grace is available to all.


Roebuck told The Christian Post he's on a "faith movie roll," with all of his recent faith-based roles — "Let There Be Light," and the upcoming film's "Palau The Movie," and "Dead Man Rising."


"In 'Getting Grace,' Roebuck portrays a small-town mortician whose world is rocked by a rambunctious teenaged girl dying of cancer, as she plans for her departure and impacts the lives of those who will survive her," the movie's synopsis states.


"I loved this idea about this kid who was dying who had so much more life than all the people around her," he emotionally explained.

"We're all going to die," Roebuck said.


He recalled his last day of filming for "The Palau Movie" when he discovered that popular evangelist Luis Palau was diagnosed with stage four cancer.


"I better live today, not like it's my last day – but live every day like it's your first. Wake up every day, to the Glory in which God has given us," Roebuck continued.


"'Getting Grace' is about — Do you wake up every morning and say this is the day the Lord has made or do you grunt?" he questioned.

However, although still inspiring, he admitted "Getting Grace" is not your "typical" Christian film.


"I want to reach the audience that's not our audience, I want to reach everybody else," Roebuck said of his film. "What is my job as an evangelist, is it to tell you exactly what to believe? Or is it to live a life by example and present to you an opportunity to consider a different point of you?"

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(Photo: Facebook/Daniel Roebuck)

Posted by Azania Phillips Monday, March 12, 2018 12:41:00 PM


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