The inspirational new film "The Miracle Season" seeks to uplift and empower young women to fulfill their God-given destiny — even in the face of extreme obstacles.


Set in 2011, "The Miracle Season" tells the real-life story of high school athlete Caroline Found, a vivacious 17 year old who lived life to the fullest. Fondly referred to as "Line" by those who knew her, Caroline was captain of the girls' volleyball team and had a close friendship with her coach Kathy "Coach Brez" Bresnahan (Helen Hunt).


Under Line's enthusiastic leadership, the team was determined to win a second record-breaking state volleyball championship. However, before that dream could be realized, a moped accident took Line's life, leaving her family, including father Ernie (Willliam Hurt), mother Ellyn, her best friend Kelley Fliehler (Erin Moriarty), and the rest of her team and schoolmates devastated.



"The Miracle Season" is the story of how Line's teammates, reeling from the loss of their captain, rallied amid their grief to achieve another championship win. Meanwhile, Ernie, her father, relies on his faith — and his daughter's teammates — to cope with the loss of both his daughter and wife, who died of pancreatic cancer just two weeks after the accident. 

During a press conference attended by The Christian Post, Bresnahan said while "The Miracle Season" is a sports film, it's also a story of perseverance, courage, and unity — a message desperately needed in today's divided world.


"We're empowering young women that they can be athletic and feminine and strong and carry a community on their back," Bresnahan said. "To me, that's an incredible message for young women. I think this transcends a sports crowd, because it's a film of hope and perseverance."


Echoing Bresnahan's sentiment, Hunt said that, while standing on the volleyball court surrounded by young women, she realized "The Miracle Season" was "exactly the kind of movie" she wanted to make.


"From the perspective of this character, standing in this circle of generous, smart women, ["The Miracle Season"] was exactly the movie I wanted to be a part of," she said. "By all accounts, it's a movie about an extraordinary young woman, and the qualities that she must have had were exactly the ones I needed to be around, so it was perfect."


The 17-year-old Line, played by Danika Yarosh, was an energetic, outgoing young woman who exhibited kindness and compassion to those around her. Shortly before her death, she'd reconnected with her Christian faith and lived out her beliefs in the way she treated others.

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