A network of nuns is disguising themselves as prostitutes to help stop human trafficking.
According to Christian Today, Talitha Kum has about 1,1000 nuns. The group launched in 2004.
"I'm not trying to be sensational but I'm trying to underscore the fact this is a world that has lost innocence ... where dark forces are active," said John Studzinski, an investment banker and chairman of Talitha Kum.
The group often dresses up as prostitutes and integrates into brothels.
"These sisters do not trust anyone. They do not trust governments, they do not trust corporations, and they don't trust the local police. In some cases they cannot trust male clergy," Studzinski said.
"They work in brothels. No one knows they are there."
The sisters also raise money to buy children out of slavery.
"This is a new network of houses for children around the world who would otherwise be sold into slavery. It is shocking but it is real," he said.

The charity said that about 73 million people are trafficked around the world. 


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Posted by Azania Phillips Thursday, November 26, 2015 10:56:00 AM


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