Former World Wrestling Entertainment star Taryn Terrell says she's finally saved and is now beginning her personal walk with Jesus after living through a world of temptation in the WWE.


In a video Terrell posted to YouTube in late September, she admitted that sin surrounded her during her days on the road with the WWE.


The 29-year-old, commonly known by her WWE ring name "Tiffany," made her in-ring debut for the world's largest wrestling promotion in 2010. However, her stint with the WWE was cut short after she was released from her contract following a domestic altercation with ex-husband and fellow wrestler Drew McIntyre, which led to her arrest.


Although Terrell stated in the video that she always considered herself to be a believer in God and Heaven, she had never opened her heart to Jesus or really understood what being a Christian meant.


Terrell had begun to attend church when she lived in Florida, prior to her days with the WWE, but her relationship with God was put on the backburner once she was signed to a WWE contract.


"I went on the road with WWE for a while and that want to be a Christian sort of went by the wayside," Terrell admitted. "I lived in sin. I was not a good person. I can say that I am ashamed of who I was in a lot of ways and the decisions that I made, and it was because I wasn't a Christian."

"A lot of times I thought, 'How am I going to be a Christian?' How can I be accepted by God? I have done awful things. I have not lived as a Christian. I lived as a sinner,'" she continued.

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Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, November 3, 2015 9:26:00 AM


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