Despite the controversy in his personal life throughout the years, rapper DMX believes he has been called to become a pastor.


"That's definitely the final destination. Or, a destination. You never know how far God is going to allow me to get or how many people He is going to allow me to reach," the 45-year-old rapper born Earl Simmons told the nationally syndicated morning radio show "The Breakfast Club." "Before I go onstage I pray that I'm able to just touch one person. If I'm able to touch just one person then I've done something wonderful with my life, not just that moment."


The rapper has been the subject of controversy in media headlines with numerous arrests, a public battle with drug addiction and fathering 15 children with nine women. While he is unsure of how much influence he would have as a pastor, DMX said he believes God gave him his foundation as a rapper for a divine purpose.


"I do believe that God allowed my music career to create the platform, lay the foundation, gain the ear, gain the credibility. When I do become a pastor, I don't think I'm going to lose fans, I think I'm going to gain more," he said on the popular radio show based in New York City. "Because of the music, because of the [cursing,] it stops them from listening to the music. The message is way more important than music."


The rapper said he believes music helped to revitalize his life and he even turned to his artform during his toughest battles with drug addiction. He recalled one night in a studio about seven years ago when he was doing drugs and writing music.


"To me it was like a battle between God and the devil. I'm in the studio, I'm getting high ... all I wrote was gospel songs," he recalled. "I wrote and recorded seven songs in one night. It just showed me that God said, 'Nah, you're not going to get this one Satan.'"

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Posted by Azania Phillips Thursday, July 7, 2016 8:51:00 AM


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