Global Media Outreach, a digital ministry that specializes in online evangelism, has seen an unprecedented rise in conversions and inquiries about faith, God and the Bible due to heightened anxiety and fear levels associated with the coronavirus. 
In a statement made available to The Christian Post, Global Media Outreach Founder and Chairman Walt Wilson revealed that Google searches about fears around the virus, uncertain finances, and employment are “growing rapidly.”
“Fear is a natural response to a situation like this that none of us have encountered before,” he said. “What we’re seeing is millions of people open to talking about faith in the face of fear, and we’re ramping up to be available for them."
GMO reaches individuals around the world with the hope of the Gospel through the internet, mobile, and a proprietary, secure messaging system.
“It’s a great way to do evangelism because 97% of the world has access to an internet or satellite signal,” President Jeff Gowler told CP. “So with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices, literally anybody on the planet can be reached.”
“We attract this huge audience every single day. People are searching all types of questions and then we address that question. In that context, we present the Gospel.”
Founded in 2004, the organization has reached close to 2 billion people worldwide and seen more than 223 million respond positively to a message of faith and hope in Jesus. Of these, an average of 60,000 will indicate they have received Jesus and approximately 10,000 will ask for more information.
The mission of the ministry is simple: To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone on earth.
“Over a decade ago, Walt Wilson felt like the Holy Spirit was saying, ‘Use this new technology called the World Wide Web to reach the world for Christ,’” Gowler recalled. “Remember, this was a time when no one was doing that. The internet wasn't even being used for evangelism. And he felt like the Holy Spirit just came over and said, ‘I want you to use this for eternal purpose, to actually go out and tell people about me through the worldwide web, through the internet.'”
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With the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for spiritual encouragement and guidance is higher than ever. In recent weeks, GMO has gone from reaching 350,000 people per day to upwards of 500,000 globally.
“We're not going out and asking people, ‘Do you want to know about Jesus?’” Director John Thompson told CP. “People are coming to us saying, 'I need hope. Where can I find hope in the face of tragedy, anxiety, bankruptcy, whatever?' When people are in pain, we offer encouragement and hope. They’re coming to us, looking for answers, and so we get great receptivity.”
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Posted by Azania Phillips Wednesday, March 25, 2020 7:48:00 AM


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