DeVon Franklin is dispelling the myth that if your partner loves you they won't cheat on you when you're married by homing in on the unresolved issues people are grappling with when they decide to cheat.


During his "Faithful Fridays" segment on Dr. Mehmet Oz's daytime talk show "The Dr. Oz Show," preacher and Hollywood executive Franklin spoke against the notion that "if you really love your partner, you'll be faithful."


"I just want to be honest, there's no justification for cheating so let's just start there. However, when you say, 'I love you' that is true," Franklin said on Friday's show. "But sometimes, I believe when you look at cheating what happens is I believe people cheat for one of two reasons. One, either emotional or two, physical."


Franklin then described how someone's emotional or physical issues could result in them stepping out of their relationship.


"What happens is you're in marriage, you're in a relationship, and for whatever reason you may not feel validated emotionally in that marriage. And unfortunately sometimes people go looking outside the marriage for the validation that they should be getting inside the marriage," he explained. "The other thing is physical. Sometimes, because there was not enough discipline during dating, enough discipline during someone's single life, they bring that lack of discipline into marriage and they have that physical need. You know, lust of the flesh."

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Posted by Azania Phillips Monday, April 24, 2017 9:57:00 AM


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