A manager of a daycare in Texas has been fired because she refused to refer to a girl as a boy as the child’s parents requested.

The parents of the six-year-old child requested that Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center refer to their child as a boy and use the new name they provided. The parents also cut the girl’s hair to make her look like a boy.
Madeline Kirksey, a Christian who is the manager of the Center, did not feel comfortable referring to a child she had known as a girl, as a boy.
Kirksey said the child had been having issues with her gender identity.
"One day, she wanted to be a girl [and] the next day she wanted to be a boy. The other kids are confused as well, calling her a boy and she would start screaming, 'I'm not a boy!'" Kirksey stated.
Kirksey received a letter of termination from the Center, stating that "[w]hen requested by parent and management to call a transgender child by the child's new name, Madeline does not follow instructions."
The letter also said the Center gives guidelines to its workers on how to handle transgender children.


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Posted by Azania Phillips Wednesday, November 11, 2015 10:14:00 AM


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