Country music singer Chris Janson recently debuted his brand new single "Messin' With Jesus," featuring Grammy Award-winner Tim McGraw, and the acclaimed country music star explained the concept behind his provocative title


Released Friday via RollingStone, the redemptive song is from Janson's forthcoming debut album Buy Me a Boat. McGraw lends his vocals to the catchy, rock n' roll-infused track, and although the title has raised eyebrows, the lyrics allude to everyday struggles of walking in faith and fighting to overcome temptation.


"With the title you might go, 'What the hell?'" Janson, who is a Christian, told Rolling Stone Country. "But there's a sarcastic tension to it, kind of like an ebb and flow. It's like black and white, black and white: 'I got a dark side but I try to live right/So I stay up late and I pray all night/'Cuz I ain't messin' with Jesus.'"

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Posted by Azania Phillips Thursday, October 29, 2015 9:05:00 AM


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