Like many pastor's kids, Cora Jakes Coleman, eldest daughter of the Rev. T.D. Jakes, grew up knowing the Sunday school answers. "I had been very good at mastering faith forever and really pushing others to believe and trust that God had it all figured out. And it was going to be OK," she says.
But then infertility hit. "It struck my faith. It struck everything I believed, everything that I trusted about God. Everything that I thought was good and lovely about God turned into barrenness and darkness and brokenness," she tells Dr. Steve Greene on the "Greenelines" podcast.
That's when Coleman truly became a ferocious warrior. "Where some people will fight against the knowledge of God, I decided to challenge the Word of God and apply it to my situation in a different kind of way. ... I decided to analyze my situation to figure out the strategy of the enemy so I would be able to tell others the strategy as well."
Coleman shares that strategy and more in her new book, Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise (Charisma House, 2019). "The whole movement behind Ferocious Warrior is a new hashtag: #thedevilisadummy," she says.
That hashtag, Coleman says, means "We have to stop allowing our situation to become smarter than our state. We have to stop allowing those attacks that come at us to become stronger than the God and the power we have working on the inside of us. ... when you begin to look at things as, Oh, I must be a threat to the enemy ... you begin to walk in a different type of authority."
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Posted by Azania Phillips Friday, July 26, 2019 8:25:00 AM


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