Cody Carnes is revealing how he overcame a fear of risk to release a worship album that blends pop, electronic and rock sounds.


Carnes, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter who happens to be married to worship leader Kari Jobe, released his debut Christian music album The Darker the Night/The Brighter the Morning on Sept. 15. The indie pop, electronic and grunge sounds working throughout the album have led to some positive feedback from Carnes' fans, which he acknowledged on Instagram.


While sharing some of the positive feedback he has been receiving, Carnes revealed that he didn't make the record to be cool or trendy. Instead, he decided to take the risk of making music that doesn't sound like what others in Christian music are doing in order to pursue a unique sound that he believes God gave him.


"The sound you hear is the sound I feel like God put in me. And I felt the most God-honoring thing I could do is be true to that sound.. against the odds, against the fear of risk," Carnes wrote. "I've realized it will always feel like risk when you're doing something someone else hasn't done, but the reality is that God has created us all unique and is calling us to be ourselves, so shouldn't it always feel that way?"


According to Carnes, the Kingdom of God needs musicians to walk in their unique calling.


"The Kingdom needs that sound that God has deposited in you.. let's do it together. People's lives are attached to our obedience," he said. "(And let me be clear: I LOVE other Christian artists and what they're bringing to the world.. especially the ones that are being themselves as well..)"


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Posted by Azania Phillips Monday, September 25, 2017 11:35:00 AM


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