Rapper Jahaziel says he's renounced his Christian faith, writing in a December social media post that realizing the "negatives" of the religion has turned him away from its values.

Jahaziel, who is based in the United Kingdom and known for such rap songs as "Help Me God" and "Father I Turn," shared in a Facebook post that he's no longer a believer in Jesus Christ after being a Christian for 20 years, due to "the brutal nature of its God," among other reasons.


The rapper begins his Dec. 22, 2015, Facebook post by saying that although he has chosen to turn away from his religion, he has "met some great people in church and learned some great principles from Christianity/the Bible."

"I had a good job with a church organization, a house provided by the church, a large social circle of likeminded people, a career in gospel music, a worldwide fan base, a respected reputation [and] status within Christian and non-Christian circles," the rapper adds...Read more at CHRISTIAN POST
Posted by Latoya Sylvestre Friday, January 8, 2016 10:23:00 AM


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