Facing the possibility of spending two years in prison for "infiltrating" the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade and passing out over 3,000 flyers detailing the health consequences of homosexuality, Canadian Bill Whatcott is quick to admit that he, too, is a sinner in need of repentance.


Living today as a nationally known conservative activist who's been tied up in a number of prominent legal cases that test the bounds of free speech in Canada, the 50-year-old Whatcott wasn't always conservative and most certainly wasn't always a Christian.


In an interview with The Christian Post on Friday, Whatcott recalled his days as an atheist teenager in the mid to late-1980s living on the streets of various cities in Ontario after being brought up in foster homes.


At that time, Whatcott admits, the only tenable skill he had was getting high off glue. He had no aspirations for the future other than willingly facing the poisonous demise that his glue-sniffing addiction would have brought to his brain cells, organs and ultimately his life.


But thanks to the help of a Christian girlfriend, Christian truckers, Teen Challenge ministries, an Anglican priest who visited him once a week while he was serving 15 months in prison for hijacking a bus, and, of course, God, Whatcott was put on an up-and-down path that ultimately led him to dedicating his life to speaking biblical truth in a highly liberal Canadian society that he says has become more and more anti-Christian over the years.


"Whether I live up to the teachings or not, that doesn't change the authority of Jesus," Whatcott said of his past. "That just means that I am a sinner who needs to be forgiven."

Last month, authorities in Toronto issued a Canadawide arrest warrant for Whatcott over actions he had committed two years ago at Toronto's Pride Parade on July 10, 2016. It was there that Whatcott and a group of friends disguised themselves as green "gay zombies" and passed out 3,000 "safe-sex packages" while marching in the parade.

While many participating in the festivities initially thought the "safe-sex packages" were free condoms, some were upset to find out later that night that those safe-sex packages were packets of information that included the testimony of a former transgender person who's now living his life as a Christian man, as well as a page highlighting the medical risks of homosexual sex and a page denouncing Canada's Liberal Party.


Lastly, the package included a page highlighting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The packages drew extreme outrage from the LGBT community, especially considering that Whatcott and his friends used deception to enter themselves as participants in the parade. After it was revealed that Whatcott was the leader of the made-up "Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association" that had registered for the parade, he was hit with a $104 million class-action lawsuit.

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