'Black Jesus' TV Show Outrages Christians In The US

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Posted by Azania Phillips Wednesday, October 21, 2015 8:56:00 AM

The Adult Swim TV show “Black Jesus” has reportedly been renewed for a second season, outraging Christians nationwide. The show follows the life of a “modern-day Jesus,” who smokes marijuana and uses profanity. 
Christian Today reports the American Family Association’s OneMillionMoms group is slamming Adult Swim’s parent companies Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner for the show’s content. 
In a statment, the group said, "The show makes a mockery of our Lord. The foul language used, including using the Lord's name in vain, is disgusting. In addition, there is violence, gunfire, drugs, and other inappropriate gestures which completely misrepresent Jesus. This is blasphemy!"
"We need to send a loud and clear message to Adult Swim, its owner Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (a Time Warner Company), and all potential advertisers of 'Black Jesus' that this kind of programming is insulting and completely unacceptable.


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