Benjamin Watson doesn't recite the word of God from a Cathedral, but the NFL player insists that in his home he is a priest.

In an article that he wrote for The Increase, Watson explained why he has taken on that title.


"I've heard my father say that the man is to be the priest, the provider, and the protector of his family. He's the priest because he is the spiritual leader, monitoring and growing the spiritual temperature of his family," Watson wrote. "He's the head of the house, responsible for providing for his family's needs: food, clothes, shelter, etc. He's the protector, protecting his family physically, emotionally, and spiritually from outside things that would be harmful or negative."


The 35-year-old Baltimore Ravens tight end is a father of five who looks to God as an example for how to parent his children.


"In the same way that I cannot be perfect and need grace for my mistakes, I also need to give my kids grace," he said. "I am constantly learning to be patient with them, understanding that they won't do everything right all the time, while still holding them to a high standard as their heavenly father does."

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Posted by Azania Phillips Wednesday, June 29, 2016 9:49:00 AM


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