A newly released survey has found that roughly six out of 10 Americans disagree with the notion that “human life is sacred.”


The data came from a survey conducted by the faith-based Barna Group, which contacted 2,000 adult respondents in the U.S., half by telephone and half via online questionnaires. Barna’s researchers defined the word “sacred” as “having unconditional, intrinsic worth.”


Among those 2,000 participants, only 39% agreed “human life is sacred.”


Those who identified as more deeply religious were more likely to see human life as “sacred,” though. For example, 60% of evangelical and born-again Christians agreed with the sentiment. Among other religious groups, 46% of Pentecostals, 45% of mainline Protestants, and 43% of Roman Catholics view human life as “sacred.”


Twelve percent of respondents said people are just “material substance — biological machines.” And another 12% said humans are “part of the mind of the universe.”

However, though most parted ways with the belief that “human life is sacred,” a majority of the survey’s responders — 69% — concluded people are “basically good,” an idea that “runs counter to the foundational biblical teaching that human beings are created by God and made in His image but are fallen and in need of redemption,” according to Barna.

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Posted by Azania Phillips Monday, June 29, 2020 11:41:00 AM


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