Christian actress and wife of actor/filmmaker David A.R. White, Andrea Logan White said God used her wild party life at the Playboy Mansion and friendship with magazine mogul Hugh Hefner to help her come to Jesus even while she was on "the wrong path."


While speaking to Fox Radio News about her new book, Perfectly Unfinished, Logan White revealed that God used Hefner as an odd father figure in her life. When she was grappling with an eating disorder, he was the one who actually encouraged her to eat with a promise to pose in his promiscuous magazines. The Playboy founder even provided a limo for her to attend church when she first turned to God.


The "Moms' Night Out" star grew up in a broken home and eventually turned to Hollywood as a refuge. After spending some time chasing the Hollywood lifestyle, she realized that only God could "fill the void."


"Somehow, God used him (Hefner) in that world to really get me to a point where I realized this is not fulfillment; this is a lot of deception," she explained.

While encountering the darker side of showbiz, such as her exposure to drug use and perversion, the 39-year-old said God was patient with her an allowed her to come to her own need of a savior.

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Posted by Azania Phillips Thursday, December 28, 2017 8:14:00 AM


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