In just a few weeks, "Palau: The Movie" will hit theaters to share the story of the Argentine-born street preacher Luis Palau with the world. 


The film follows the life of Luis Palau, who after losing his father at a young age, has to take his role at the head of his household. At around the same time, Palau also receives a call to ministry. Inspired by the Reverend Billy Graham, Palau decides that it is his job to share the Gospel with as many people as possible.


Argentine actor Gastón Pauls, who plays Luis Palau, was invited to play the evangelist after he personally called the actor. In an interview with Faithwire, Pauls recalled how he first heard of Palau, and the impact the film has had on his life.


A conversation with Gastón Pauls


Gastón Pauls stars in "Palau" alongside actors Scott Reeves and Daniel Roebuck.


Pauls told Faithwire that he first met Palau in 2003 when he went to film a documentary series called "Be Urban" at Palau's festival in Palermo, Argentina.


"I didn't meet Luis," Pauls said, "but we made a program about the festival."


Five years later Palau returned to Argentina and called Pauls, thanking him for his work on the "Be Urban" project.


"At the end of our conversation, he said he hoped God would one day give us the opportunity to work together," Pauls recalled.


Nine years later, God brought the two back together, when Palau called Pauls to offer him the lead role in the film about his life.


"I was amazed that God brought us together after so many years and for such an important project," Pauls said.


Before they began filming the movie, Pauls met with Palau twice, so that he could get to know him before taking on the task of playing his character.


"It was important that I meet with him before the film so I could get to know him and see his love for Jesus firsthand," Pauls added. "I then took what I learned and did my best to put his persona in front of the camera."


Pauls wasn't always a Christian. He told Faithwire that he had his own coming to God moment, after struggling with drug abuse.


"I often say that I was in a really dark place and I couldn't find the key—I couldn't find the door to get out," he explained.

"One night after three days of staying awake from using cocaine, I prayed for the first time ever in my life and asked God to help me," he said. "He did."


Pauls continued to share how he woke up the next day, and never touched a drug again. "This happened 11 years ago"

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Posted by Azania Phillips Friday, March 15, 2019 1:36:00 PM