Jonathan McReynolds Opens Up About Loneliness, Struggles With Prioritizing God

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Posted by Azania Phillips Tuesday, March 13, 2018 12:51:00 PM

In venues packed with people singing along to his every word, Grammy-nominated gospel music singer Jonathan McReynolds has battled with feelings of loneliness.


At 28, McReynolds has a successful career as both a Billboard chart-topping musician and a part-time college professor at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. However, he admitted to feeling lonely as he has yet to find a significant other to share those accomplishments with.


As a young single performer, McReynolds meets thousands of people, but it isn't always easy to navigate the intentions behind the attention that he gets.


"You get a lot of people that want to be around you sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for not so good reasons, sometimes for both," he told The Christian Post. "And then you realize that you have a very lonely kind of isolated life."


The singer-songwriter spoke to CP about the importance of monitoring those feelings of loneliness to avoid falling victim to an unhealthy cycle in his life where he makes choices that produce detrimental results


"I could be around a lot of people but still sometimes loneliness sets in when you don't have anybody to come home to and share that with. In those moments of loneliness that's when a cycle can definitely start," he said. "You start seeing things repeated, the same mistakes being made over and over [because of] that loneliness."


In those moments it can seem easy to give into thoughts like "maybe I should hang out with this person, maybe I should buy that, [or] maybe I should go this place."


While many people his age can vent about their frustrations on social media, McReynolds' life as a celebrity and professor does not afford him the same opportunity. Instead, he brings those conversations to God.


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